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Make sure that your website, mobile application or IoT object is protected against future cyberattacks!

With the help of industry standard and custom designed tools we make sure that your website or mobile app respects all security standards.

web and android

We use the OWASP methodology for such audits, utilizing industry standard tools like BurpSuite and SQLMap, but also custom programs we designed for specific tasks. For Android, we use rooted devices to check for vulnerabilities over network protocols, as well as local attacks (code exploits, permissions, sensitive logs).

Unicorn Security Top 5:

  • XML External Entity (XXE)
  • Java Deserialization
  • Authentication Bypass
  • Cross Site Scripting (XSS)
  • SQL Injection

We help you secure the full-stack of your system or product by verifying all the parameters of your system.


We take account of the many parameters needed to evaluate the security of a server:

  • Running services
  • Updates and updating process
  • Access control
  • Users and privileges
  • Operating system configuration

We offer reverse engineering services (hardware, software, firmware) for audits that require in-depth analysis.

reverse engineering

The kind of information that is typically obtained is of the following nature:

  • Cryptography
  • Software licensing system
  • Access control and user management
  • Implementation vulnerability (buffer overflows, deserialization, arbitrary read/write)
  • Hardware attacks (UART, JTAG, components desoldering)

Information Security Audits

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Fit the standard security expectations (Black Box)

  • For: Simple websites, CMS
  • What: Web vulnerability testing


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In-depth audit involving application level, operating system and network tests (Black Box and Grey Box)

  • For: Web, Android, Linux servers
  • What: Applications pentest, operating system, network configuration, access control
  • Duration: 5 days minimum


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Specific product or application analysis (Black, Grey, White Box)

  • For: Heavy Applications, Internet of Things
  • What: Reverse engineering, cryptography analysis, software licensing system, hardware attacks
  • Duration: 10 days minimum

We support eco-friendly initiatives!

We offer a 10% discount on all of our audit types for projects supporting a green initiative.


What Clients Say
About Us

We aim to help our clients in their security projects with flexibility and professionalism.

But since proof is more convincing than promises, here is what our clients say about us!

“Unicorn Security helped the YOOS team assess the security hygiene of its complex ecosystem, consisting of hardware, OS, APIs and software configurations. More than the audit itself, tailored recommendations and a long lasting partnership resulted from it. This allows the YOOS team to strengthen its customers' trust and to have the confidence to build a safer future.”

The YOOS team
Your Own Online Server

“We requested Unicorn Security to help us with an Infrastructure Audit, as we control the full stack of our product. They have highlighted very critical points regarding system level configuration, network issues as well as several aspects of the application's flow. They were always available when we had questions regarding mitigations or further developments, and helped us put in place security measures. We care about our customer's data and there is no doubt it is now safer.”

Mr. Louis Monmarché
CTO, Hellogova

Meet the team


Antoine Royer

Founder & Lead Tester
ANSSI    Amadeus    SAP

Nathalie Cochard

Founder & Operations Manager
Shippeo    Française des Jeux    Amadeus

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